Ghost Town Museum

If you love history museums, you won’t want to miss the Ghost Town Museum Colorado Springs CO. This relic of the gold rush era features over 100 years of human activity, including mining, logging, and ranching. There are also several other interesting places to visit in Colorado Springs. Patsy’s Candies is a popular Colorado Springs candy shop. It is home to a huge selection of sweet treats, including saltwater taffy and peanut brittle. You can tour the factory where these candies are made and sample all of the flavors. Another popular Colorado Springs attraction is the House of Bounce, which features a giant inflatable castle where kids can play and bounce until they drop. The museum is located at 400 S 21st St, Colorado Springs, CO 80904.

There is a boardwalk that connects all the shops, including a Blacksmith shop, saloon, General Store, Merchants of Main Street, and Victorian home. You can also explore the museum’s thousands of artifacts and take part in hands-on activities, including gold panning. Children must be accompanied by an adult. For a truly immersive experience, you can spend an entire day exploring this museum.

While you’re in the area, don’t forget to check out the Pioneers Museum. It is the only institution dedicated to Pikes Peak area history and draws more than 90,000 visitors each year. Among the many fascinating exhibits at the museum are the Francis Drexel Smith: Legacy on Canvas, Any Place North and West: African Americans in Colorado Springs, and the Cultural Crossroads: Highlights from the Collection.

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The town of Lake City was built by George S. Lee, who dreamed of becoming governor of Colorado. He hoped to build a mansion in Lake City, which later became a popular town with hotels, saloons, and a post office. A blanket of aspen trees covered the area. The town had a smelter, which was used for iron ore, and there were saloons and hotels in the area.

The Miramont Castle Museum is another popular spot. The 19th century mansion is a National Historic Landmark, and has been lovingly restored. Inside, you can view Victorian-era antiques and marvel at the grand staircase. At the base of Cheyenne Mountain, you can also take a trip to the world-famous Pikes Peak. While you’re there, be sure to take the time to visit Santa’s Workshop, which is situated on a rolling mountainside at the foot of Pikes Peak.

There are plenty of outdoor activities and parks in Colorado Springs. If you want to spend your days exploring the town’s diverse landscapes, you can also visit the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum, the Penrose Heritage Museum, the Western Museum of Mining & Industry, and the Michael Garman Museum & Gallery. The city also has two Halls of Fame, the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame, and the World Figure Skating Hall of Fame.

For dinner, you’ll want to check out Colorado Springs’ many restaurants. The Marigold Cafe & Bakery is one of the best-kept secrets in Colorado Springs, and is often referred to as the best French restaurant in town. The menu includes steaks, sandwiches, and Escargots de Bourgogne, as well as rich chocolate mousse cake. And you’ll want to leave time to visit the Colorado Springs Philharmonic. The Colorado Springs calendar is packed with exciting events, so you’re sure to find something that you like.

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